Banner image reads: Rail Volution Virtual Conference Reimagining Transit-Oriented Communities, October 19-21, 2021,

Rail~Volution 2021 Virtual Conference: Reimagining Transit-Oriented Communities

Three partial days, October 19-21. Your chance to connect and learn about best practices related to every aspect of building more livable communities with transit.

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Transit, mobility and development investments shape communities for generations, defining possibility and access to opportunity.

The Rail~Volution network shares the belief that the focus of any new investment is not so much the project – whether rail, bus, trail or development – but people and what they want their communities to become.

We foster a vision of equitable, transit-oriented communities (ETOC), in which leaders and practitioners work with local communities to determine how transit, mobility and development investments can advance local goals for economic development and access to affordable housing, jobs, education, food, green space and overall quality of life.

Rail~Volution is the hub and spark for a network of leaders, practitioners and advocates inspired by the potential to shape great places to live around high-quality transit (rail, BRT and bus), new mobility options and supportive land use and development.

For more than 25 years, the Rail~Volution conference has shaped the vision for transit-oriented communities, influencing policies, planning and the way projects are delivered. Whether in-person or virtually, the conference creates an approachable atmosphere where advocates, practitioners and elected officials – both those new to the field and with a great depth of experience – rub elbows, work together and learn how to get things done.

2021 focus areas include:

  • Policy – especially advancing community change and responding to disruption
  • Implementing the vision for equitable transit-oriented development
  • Transforming transit
  • Transit at the intersection of health, jobs, climate and safety
  • Making connections convenient, including design, technology and transit services
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Oct 19 - 21 2021


All Day