NJTOD Videos

Intro to the Transit Friendly Planning Guide

This video introduces the 2022 Transit Friendly Planning: A Guide for New Jersey Communities. The Guide offers information and assistance to all of those interested in making land use decisions around transit facilities to improve mobility and access to transit. The Guide covers the fundamentals of transit-friendly planning and addresses emerging topics such as micromobility, curbside management, and Complete Streets. The Guide focuses on three key areas of transit-friendly planning practices: Design and Development; Access, Circulation, and Parking; and Active Transportation. The Guide is offered by the Transit Friendly Planning Program at NJ TRANSIT, our project partner at NJTOD.org.

Transit Friendly Planning. Place Types Videos.

The Transit Friendly Planning Program at NJ TRANSIT and NJTOD.org offer these five videos that explore the variety of transit friendly places in the state. These include:

  • Newark. Transit Friendly Urban Center
  • New Brunswick. Transit Friendly Urban Neighborhood.
  • Bordentown. Transit Friendly Suburban Place.
  • Red Bank. Transit Friendly Town Center.
  • Berkeley Heights. Transit Friendly Rural Place.

The Transit Friendly Planning Program strengthens the link between public transit and communities served by NJ TRANSIT. Transit friendly planning promotes active transportation, local economic growth, placemaking, sustainable design, and efficient circulation that encourage residents to use transit for everyday trips. The Program helps to create equitable, economically resilient, and environmentally sustainable communities.

Other NJTOD.org Videos

Other NJTOD.org videos feature our events and interviews with a number of officials, planners, developers and other professionals.

The Transit Friendly Data App

NJ TRANSIT & VTC present version 2.0 of the Transit Friendly Data App! ...

Retail and Redevelopment: Attract and Retain Local Businesses in Your Downtown

The TOD in Your Downtown Forum Series presented “Retail and Redevelopment: Attract and Retain Local Businesses in Your Downtown” on May 18, 2023. Experts discussed best practices ...

Dollars and Sense: Financing TOD

This event, hosted by the NJTOD.org, Downtown New Jersey, and NJ TRANSIT’s Transit Friend Planning (TFP) program, will bring together a panel of experts from public, private, and ...

NJTOD.org—NJT and RU-VTC, Partners Promoting Transit Friendly Planning

Learn more about NJTOD.org, a partnership between NJ TRANSIT’s Transit Friendly Planning and Rutgers’ Voorhees Transportation Center. ...

The Importance of Public Involvement in TOD Planning

This week's video features Tom Schulze. Mr. Schulze draws upon 40 years of experience in city planning and discusses the importance of involving the public in the planning for ...

Planners Living in TOD

This week we feature two videos! Andrew Lappitt is Senior Planner at Sam Schwartz. Leigh Ann Von Hagen is Senior Researcher & Adjunct Professor at the Alan M. Voorhees ...

Matt Ward: Engaging the Public on TOD

This week's video features Matt Ward. Mr. Ward is Senior Planner for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey. Mr. Ward discusses the benefits and challenges of engaging the public ...

Vinn White on How TOD Opportunities Help NJ Meet Its Goals

This week's video features Vinn White. Mr. White is Senor Policy Advisory to Governor Murphy, working in the area of transportation. Earlier in his career, he served in the US ...