TOD Literature: Parking

Eliminating Barriers to Transit-Oriented Development

This report looks at three conditions that could be barriers to transit-oriented development: impacts on schools; impacts to local auto traffic; and, impacts on local parking.

Empty Spaces: Real Parking Needs at Five TODs

Report link: Empty Spaces: Real Parking Needs at Five TODs
More evidence that TODs generate fewer vehicle trips and utilize less parking than ITE guidelines estimate.

Parking Management Best Practices

Report link: Parking Management Best Practices
The parking management strategies described in this book can help planners increase parking facility efficiency and reduce parking demand.

Parking Matters

Report link: Parking Matters
This monograph describes the challenges of financing structured parking in New Jersey urban areas.

Parking Spaces/Community Places: Finding the Balance Through Smart Growth Solutions

Report link: Parking Spaces/Community Places
This report provides a summary of the costs of parking, the dubious criteria parking requirements are based on and offers alternative strategies.

Paved Over: Surface Parking Lots or Opportunities for Tax-Generating, Sustainable Development?

Report link: Paved Over
This study of the Chicago area examines the potential development benefits through more intensive use of surface parking near transit.

TCRP Report 128: Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel

Report link: Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel
This new TCRP report attempts to clarify the relationship between livable communities and transit.

The High Cost of Free Parking

Report link: The High Cost of Free Parking
In this innovative book, UCLA planning professor Donald Shoup challenges traditional parking methodologies and strategies.