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Suggested terms: affordable, complete streets, equity, housing, parking, safety, walk

"Not just a way to get from A to B" - Complete Streets in Tucson, AZ
Tucson AZ is building both advocacy for and the physical improvements for Complete Streets and is putting equity at the center of the work.
20 Minute Neighbourhood
This compact city approach encourages the development of local areas within walking distance of residents' homes to access public transport, public open space, and facilities and services for daily living.
6 Ways Transit-Oriented Development Creates Value
This short video by WSP highlights how TOD promotes economic vitality, supports environmental stewardship, and addresses social needs.
A Car-Free Neighborhood in an Old New Jersey Town
What can we learn from the past? Plenty! The video showcases Pitman, NJ.
A Land Value Tax is the Future
This video explores the Land Value Tax (LVT), a tax on the unimproved value of land.
Affordable Housing – Infill Development: City of Tacoma, Washington
Infill housing can encourage active neighborhoods that allow people to age in place, live in vibrant communities, access housing for all levels of income and much more.
All Aboard Atlantic
Learn about how Collingswood, a designated NJ Transit Village community, and its partners, used a pop-up (pilot) streetscape project on Atlantic Ave to address pedestrian safety concerns and to advance its Complete Streets goals.
America Always Gets This Wrong (When Building Transit)
Less about the building of transit, and more about the building of cities, this video explores the relationship between land use and transit usage.
An Introduction to Zoning
In many places, zoning forms the basis of what can and can't be built. This video goes through the elements of the zoning, describes its pros and cons, and explains how to influence changes in local zoning code.
Are Parking Lots Ruining Your City?
Removing parking minimums is one step that towns can take to make better use of one of their most important resources, land.
Blueprint Denver
Blueprint Denver is a citywide land use and transportation plan for the next 20 years that calls for growing an inclusive city.
Bringing Equity to Transit-Oriented Development
How can cities expand TOD for all? This video from Planetizen highlights the benefits of equitable transit-oriented development (eTOD).
BRT Transit-Oriented Development | The Red Line
The City of Indianapolis is making changes to its urban landscape to capitalize on the recent opening of the Red Line.
Building Greener Communities Through Transit
Can't let Earth Day to pass without recognizing the vital role TOD plays in helping people travel in more environmentally-sound ways.
Bus Stops with Green Roofs in Utrecht
Utrecht in the Netherlands claims to be the first city to install bus stops with green roofs on a large scale.
Can you walk there?
Elevated Chicago’s Jannice Newson has harnessed the power of social media to highlight disparities in pedestrian conditions and in access to Chicago’s public transportation.

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