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About Us

Published since 2005, the Transit Friendly Planning Newsletter is designed to keep municipal officials, planners, and advocates up-to-date on the potential for development and redevelopment around transit stations. This partnership between NJ TRANSIT and the Bloustein School’s Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University aims to enrich the transit-oriented development (TOD) conversation in New Jersey’s diverse communities by highlighting what is happening in the state and around the country: best practices, model programs, legislation, and local problem-solving experiences.

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The Newsletter offers the latest in transit friendly news, research, and educational opportunities and aims to enrich the TOD conversation in New Jersey communities by highlighting best practices, model programs, new legislation, and local problem-solving experiences.

Transit Friendly Planning Program

The Program provides local technical assistance and helps develop partnerships at all levels to better coordinate planning between NJ TRANSIT and New Jersey communities.

Transit Friendly Data Application

The Application offers users free and unrestricted access to demographics, land use, environmental conditions, real estate, and transit availability for different geographic areas such as counties, municipalities, and station areas.

NJDOT Transit Village Initiative

The Transit Village Initiative (TVI), a multi-agency Smart Growth partnership led by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and NJ TRANSIT, creates incentives for municipalities to redevelop and revitalize areas around transit facilities using TOD planning practices and design standards.

NJ Transit Friendly Place Types

The short videos below showcase common characteristics of each place type described in the TFP Guide. Click here to view the entire series.

The Urban Center place type is diverse, dense, and offers a mix of commercial, civic, and residential uses with active streetscapes and open spaces. ​

Often located adjacent to an Urban Center, this place type is characterized by a walkable, urban built environment.

Town Centers are often located in a community’s central business district (CBD) and offer urban character at a neighborhood-scale of residential, retail, and office.

This place type is characterized by a more suburban environment than the Town Center but often contain mixed-use development surrounded by low-density land uses.

Rural Places are frequently characterized by a small-town, “Main Street” feel and have historically had a mix of uses in a compact commercial center.

NJTOD is the Transit Friendly Planning Newsletter