Saturday, April 13, 2024
NJTOD VideosPractitioner Spotlight

What Makes a TOD Community Work: Kim Avant-Babb had the opportunity to interview a number of officials, planners, developers and other professionals at the annual APA-NJ conference in the early part of this year. We asked these practitioners for their views on TOD issues in New Jersey and generally and received a wide variety of opinions on the benefits, challenges, characteristics and opportunities offered by TOD.

In our video this week, we hear from Kim Avant-Babb. Ms. Avant-Babb is Chief Strategy Officer at the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA), an independent financing authority created by the State of New Jersey to transform urban communities through direct investment and technical support. Among her many responsibilities at the NJRA, Ms. Avant-Babb leads the Redevelopment Training Institute (RTI), which offers accredited training programs on project finance, tax abatement, new construction, and redevelopment planning law.

Ms. Avant-Babb discusses the characteristics that make TOD communities work.

Kim Avant-Babb, recorded at the 2019 New Jersey Planning Conference. Please note: We have captioned this video to compensate for poor sound quality.