Friday, July 12, 2024
Regional News

Vision Long Island Launches Smart Growth Agenda

Vision Long Island, a Smart Growth planning organization based in Northport, NY, celebrated its 10th anniversary in April by unveiling a 10-point “Smart Growth Agenda” that, among its recommendations, calls upon the New York State DOT and the MTA to become more involved in TOD strategies. Issues highlighted in the agenda include housing affordability, sustainable development, and codes and regulations that encourage mixed-use development.

During a day-long work session in Farmingdale, elected officials, civic leaders and developers were presented with goals and benchmarks for public sector, private sector and community action. At the work session, John Thomas of the U.S. EPA’s Smart Growth Network, presented the principal concepts and benefits of transit-oriented development. These recommendations were based on over 200 prior presentations by Smart Growth speakers and over 1,000 meetings held across Long Island on land use, transportation and related issues. “We have had 10 years of Smart Growth planning. We now need the next 10 years to be focused on implementation,” stated Eric Alexander, executive director of Vision Long Island. The full implementation of this initiative is expected to revitalize over 50 Long Island downtowns, save thousands of acres of open space, and produce thousands of units of affordable housing. See map below.