Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Special Feature: StreetFilms Focuses on TOD

In February, StreetFilms launched its new video series, Moving Beyond the Automobile with a 3-minute look at the TOD efforts in Hudson County. Part visual handbook, part best practice guide, Moving Beyond the Automobile is designed to help policy makers, advocacy organizations, teachers, students, and others explore ways in which the needs of pedestrians, bicycle riders, and transit users can be better served.

This first installment of a 10-part series examines redevelopment near the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and along the Jersey City waterfront and features interviews with Kate Slevin, Tri-State Transportation Campaign; Peter Kasabach, NJ Future; Vivian Baker, NJ TRANSIT; and Robert Cotter, Jersey City Division of Planning. Overall, the series explores ways to reduce over-dependence on the automobile, including: bicycling; car sharing; congest pricing; highway removal; traffic calming; pricing parking and removal; road diets; and bus rapid transit.